Artwork of high school and wildcat by Samantha Worflar
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Here is the most recent listing of the WCHS Class of 1978 classmates who have not been verified. We need to update everybody's name and contact information so we can guarantee all classmates will receive an invitation to our upcoming 40th year reunion.

Do you see a classmate's name in the list below that you're in contact with? Please take a moment and click on the links below to let the reunion committee know. Thanks for your help!

Classmates in database: 47      
Last Name (Maiden Name)
First Name
Married Name
1. Baugher Terry Miller
2. Boozer Patti Nichols
3. Bowman Jeff
4. Bradley George
5. Caldwell Leslie Lawlor
6. Cameron Peggy
7. Cook Lila
8. Corbin Jim
9. Crouse Jay
10. Derflinger Jean Lichliter
11. Elliott Linda Henninger
12. Fogle Ray
13. Ford Maria Smith
14. Fountain James
15. Garner Kenneth
16. Gibson Tina Hammers
17. Jenkins Barbara Skalski
18. Jenkins Barry
19. Jenkins Marsha
20. Jobin Susannah
21. Kenney Mark
22. Kotowski Kevin
23. Lewis Rosalind Miller
24. Manuel Nora Ramey
25. Marrow Chris
26. McIntyre, Jr. Thomas
27. Miller Delores Watkins
28. Porter James
29. Ramey Susan Dilandrow
30. Reeve Carole
31. Rhinesmith Sherry
32. Richardson Bill
33. Ridgeway Faith Smith
34. Rowland Eugene
35. Seay Jamie
36. Seide Jeff
37. Snapp Tina
38. Snodgrass Tracey Benline
39. Starks Kenny
40. Stayrook Charles
41. Sullivan Diana
42. Trenary Richard
43. Turner Chuck
44. White Linda Baltimore
45. Whitney Mark
46. Williams Susie
47. Zitek Edward