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45th Year Reunion - Coming Soon in August 2023!

Warren County Class of 1978, what a special group of young adults we were! It's been 45 years since we walked the halls of high school, dreaming of the future and impatient to start our grown-up lives. Where has all the time gone? As is commonly said, it was in the blink of an eye.

We've grown up, matured, lived in different places, worked in many careers, raised children and grandchildren and have lots to tell about ourselves. And it was our school years, particularly high school, that formed us.

The WCHS Class of 1978 has been fortunate to have a reunion every 5 years and many people have attended. Each reunion we sadly add more names to our In Memoriam page and this reunion is no different.

We hope to see you in August at our 45th year reunion!