Artwork of high school and wildcat by Samantha Worflar
Limeton School
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Many of our classmates attended elementary school at Limeton School. Here are some photos from 1967 - 1969 provided by Len Wines, with a partial name listing. If you can identify anyone in the photos, please send an email to the Class of 1978 website at: Class of 1978.

Ms. Smedley in the 1967-68 picture was Danny, Tim and Wayne's aunt. Click on each image for a larger photo.

Limeton School 1966-67

Limeton School 1966-67
Front Row:Unknown, Len Wines, Gary Lake, Mike Hupman
2nd Row:Mike Clatterbuck, Jerry Christiansen, Billy Hupman, Unknown, Gary Henry
3rd Row:Debbie Getts, Unknown, Angela Boller, Gail Heflin, Carylon Bell
4th Row:Unknown, Shelby Frazier, Ronnie Henry, Melvin Frazier (Crystal's uncle), Bonnie Patterson

Limeton School 1967-68

Limeton School 1967-68
Front Row: Wayne Hudson, Billy Hupman, Len Wines, Gary Lake, Robert Getts, Mike Hupman
2nd Row: Mike Clatterbuck, Melvin Frazier, Steve Robinson, Unknown, Mike Brookman?,Gary Henry, Jerry Christiansen, Ronnie Henry
3rd Row: Sarah Buke, Vicki Rudacille, Sandra ?, Debbie Getts, Angela Boller, Shelby Frazier, ? Henry, Jo Ann Seal, Carolyn Bell
4th Row: Gail Heflin, Bonnie Patterson, Diane Henry, Melanie Pomeroy, Lisa Wines (my sister), Teresa Stimpson, David Lake, Steve Wooddell, Doug Kidwell

Limeton School 1968-69

Limeton School 1968-69
Front Row: Mike Hupman*, Ernest Thompson*, Len Wines*, Mark Henry*, Gary Lake*
2nd Row: Unknown, Lori Robinson, ? Clatterbuck (Mike's sister), Unknown, Unknown, Paula Kerns?, Linda Thompson, Shelby Frazier*
3rd Row: Patsy Crum, Sarah Burke, Billy Hupman, Unknown, Jo Ann Seal, Gail Heflin, Carolyn Bell, Bonnie Patterson
4th Row: Butch Hupman, Vicki Rudacille, Robert Getts, Debbie Getts*, Angela Boller*, Unknown (Green Shirt), Unknown (Maybe Paul Frazier?)
5th Row: Wayne Henry, Ronnie Henry, Jerry Christiansen, Bobby Kerns?, Doug Kidwell, Unknown (Red Shirt), Gary Henry, Melvin Frazier, Mike Clatterbuck
*The Third-Grade Class!!!